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Business Name Searches - Unincorporated Names

We provide a complete range of Business Name Search services to help you find the required information to confirm a business existence, current status, previous names and operating jurisdictions.

Searches available in Ontario and Canada for: Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Partnerships & Business Names - registered to a Corporation (a.k.a. operating name).

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 Product Descriptions, Pricing & Sample Reports:

Business Name Report

This search is conducted on an unincorporated business name and displays the current information on business owner, operating & mailing address, registration date, registration number. Businesss name are:Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships, Business a.k.a. Trade a.k.a. Operating names owned by a Corporation.
Report information will vary from Province to Province.

Limited Partnership Report

This is a report of the registration filed under the Limited Partnerships Act (LPA) that will display the partnership name, operating & mailing address, general partners and there address(es). Some information on amendments, dissolutions and withdrawels will also be included in the report.Note: Copies of the original document are NOT available.

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario Business Names Report View Sample Report $34.60*  Order Online
Ontario Limited Partnership Report View Sample Report $34.60*  Order Online

Provincial Business Name Report 

- Varies  Order Online

U.S. equivalent  

- from $25.00  Call or email

*Add $8.00 to sertify the report.


Statement of No Match Found - Ontario

A statement indicating that there is no record of the subject Business Name as of the date searched.

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario report View Sample Report $34.60  Order Online


Document Replica - Ontario only

A search report that replicates the original registration of any of the BNLP documents filed within the last 5 years. (New, renewal, amendment and cancellation / dissolution / withdrawal).
Note: Photocopies of the original registrations are not available.

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario report View Sample Report $37.38  Order Online


BNLP Document List - Ontario only

The BNLP Document List is available for sole proprietorships, general partnerships, corporation business names, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and partnership business names registered on or after April 1, 1994. This report sets out all documents that have been filed in relation to the business name or limited partnership registered, including the filing date for each document.

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario report -


 Order Online


Partnership Business Name List - Ontario only

This report displays all additional Business Names registered or renewed since July 15, 1996 under the Partnership. Similar to a Corporation Business Names List.

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario report -


 Order Online


Certificate of Non-Registration - Ontario only

This report certifies that there is no record of a registration under the Business Names Act or a declaration under the Limited Partnerships Act under the subject name or Business Identification Number (BIN).

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario report - $55.38  Order Online


Expired/Archives Search - Ontario only

Names registered under the BNA and LPA have a life of 5 years. This search cover 15 years of expired records. Search results are based on an EXACT MATCH. Names expired greater than 15 years are kept at the Archives of Ontario.

Archives of Ontario Search

In the event that the requested information is not available at the Companies Branch Toronto Office a search can be conducted at the Archives of Ontario office to obtain copies of inactive files.

Search Type Sample Report Total Cost  
Ontario Expired Business Name Search - $62.60  Order Online
Archives of Ontario search from $50.00 varies  Call or email


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